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Zero to 60 in 180 days: How We Managed the Impossible

Oct 21, 2019 12:16:22 PM / by John Masserini


John Masserini

Global CISO

Millicom Tigo

Technology sprawl is a challenge every CISO deals with. From legacy hardware to shadow IT, the sheer number and functionality of applications used within your infrastructure is a venerable melting pot of security risk. Each of us deal with applications that are so old they can't be patched, and which are being accessed by the same modern device that has dozens, if not hundreds, of untrusted apps on it. At the end of the day, the only hope we have of protecting our enterprises from attack is by being able to continually and accurately validate access, and to do that, we must be able to truly manage our users.
In “Zero to 60 in 180 Days,” during Executive Alliance’s National Security Leaders Symposium from October 27th – 29th, we will take a look at what it takes to roll out a true Identity Access Governance platform, across four geographically-disperse and application independent organizations, generating a true, enterprise-wide single source identity warehouse. We’ll touch on the challenges presented, the approach, and the gotchas of deploying an IAG solution in today’s distributed, diverse enterprise infrastructure.

Topics: Leadership, CISO, National Security Leaders Symposium, Identity Access Governance

John Masserini

John Masserini

An industry veteran of providing information security services to multinational organizations. An industry recognized leader whose expertise across multiple verticals provides for a unique approach to delivering an information risk program which drives business focused solutions to today's global Information Security & Compliance challenges. An experienced leader who not only specializes in reinvigorating and realigning existing teams, but also building new information security programs to meet critical business needs. As Chief Information Security Officer for Millicom International Cellular, John is responsible for all information security and risk management strategies, including security architecture, security operations, regulatory compliance, and business continuity for all global business lines at Millicom. Previously, John has been the CISO for MIAX Options Exchange and Dow Jones/ The Wall Street Journal, overseeing security, risk management, and business continuity. He has held key leadership positions at several information security market leaders such as VeriSign and Guardent, as well as leading integrators such as EDS and SAIC. A regular speaker, presenter, and panel moderator, John's experiences provide unique insight into developing and sustaining global information security programs. John is also a regular contributor to several industry publications, believing strongly in sharing his experience and giving back to the security community. John is an active member of several Executive Boards, providing business strategy, product development, and go-to-market guidance for a number of Information Security product and service organizations.