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Presenting "The Upshot" from Executive Alliance

Apr 5, 2020 4:46:35 PM / by Mary Lou Heastings


We're very excited to share what we've been working on-

The team at Executive Alliance has been working with security executives across the country and we feel privileged to be a connector for our great community.

In this spirit, we're excited to announce our new show: "The Upshot". For our first edition, Laz Montano, Executive Alliance's CISO in Residence, and former CISO of three Fortune 500 companies, has been speaking with his peers across the country to gather insight into the challenges everyone is now facing under the cloud of Covid-19 and what they are doing to move forward in terms of Business Continuity. Check out the full episode here: The Upshot Episode 1




Stay tuned for more episodes coming in the near future and if you have any comments or insight, let us know by contacting Laz at LazMontano@execalliance.com

Topics: Leadership, CISO, cybersecurity, #TheUpshotEA, business continuity

Mary Lou Heastings

Mary Lou Heastings

As CEO of Executive Alliance, Mary Lou Heastings has overall responsibility for guiding the continued expansion of the company’s portfolio of senior technology related executive summits, roundtables, and custom programs across the U.S.