Summit Recap


The X Factor That Makes an “A” Team

Doug and his team discussed the traits that make up an "A" team and how everyone's role compliments each other's department. A great presentation on leadership and the web of decisions that go into building an "A" team that knows how to deliver.

Doug Graham, VP & Chief Security Officer, Nuance Communications

Featuring Nuance Executive Security Team:

Ken MacCuish, Chief Information Security Officer

Erica Antos, Healthcare Information Security Officer

Tim Holland, Director of Protective Services and Threats

Grant Kahn, Director of Product Security



Complete Lifecycle Approach to Advanced Threat Protection

Alex Zielke, Cyber Security, Symantec, Platinum Sponsor

With advanced targeted attacks that fly under the radar of traditional, preventative-based security technologies, there is a shift toward a more modern defense-in-depth strategy. Alex provided insights into how this approach will empower your organization, enabling you to adopt the best new technologies that drive your business.



The Shift in Information Security

Fabio Martins, Research Information Security Officer, Partners Healthcare

Fabio Martins of Partners Healthcare, focused on some of the latest thought leadership on problem solving as the current information security landscape becomes more diverse and complex. 



Extending Analytics to Risk Adaptive Insight & Enforcement

Homayun Yaqub, Senior Security Strategist, Forcepoint, Platinum Sponsor

Homayun explored integrating analytics with other tech, like UEBA/DLP solutions for Adaptive Data Insights and UEBA/Endpoint Collection for Adaptive User Insights.



What’s Next?

Richard Warner, Summit Moderator

Interactive polling session with executives discussing where their concerns are as they look at the state of the industry.



Cloud Security: The Art of Securing the Perimeter When There's No Perimeter

Michael Melore, Cyber Security Architect with IBM, Gold Sponsor

How do you maintain compliance when multi cloud providers are part of your ecosystem? Who owns the security responsibility for different services offered?

This session  focused on effective security approaches to these variables.



They Say Breaches are Inevitable… Now What?

Mike Campfield, VP of Security Solutions, ExtraHop, Gold Sponsor

Mike covered changes in the threat landscape, data gravity, the expanse of the attack surface, and the cost of human capital that has forced companies to take a hard look at “Tried and True” security tools and techniques.



Lunch and Networking



Autonomous Cyber Defense: AI and the Immune System Approach 

Katherine Zimmel, CyberSecurity Manager, Darktrace, Silver Sponsor

In this session, Katherine explained how machine learning and probabilistic mathematics take a new approach to security and can establish a highly accurate understanding of normal behavior by learning an organization’s "pattern of life". 



Intelligent Bot Swarms and Dark Places: Why Your Next Firewall Will be a Robot

James Cabe, Principal Sales Engineer, Fortinet, Silver Sponsor

James Cabe gave an enthralling presentation about the emergence of ANNiMLS (Artificial Neural Networks integrated Machine Learning Systems), the use of easy automation, machine intelligence, and good robots against bad robots.





Breakout Executive Roundtable Discussions with Debriefs

Facilitated by executives from a diversity of industries across five different topics, the highly rated Executive Roundtables wrapped up the Summit session.

Executives facilitating the roundtables included:

Jim Lemieux, Senior Director Information Security, Travelers

Brian McGowan, Director, IT Security & Compliance, Hasbro

Alex Cunningham, Chief Security and Risk Officer, Commonwealth Financial Network

Dawn Fitzgerald, Director, Digital Transformation, Data Center Operations, Schneider Electric

John Forest, Director, Information Security, Liberty Mutual Insurance


Thank You to our 2018 Boston Summit Sponsors




Forcepoint is transforming cybersecurity by focusing on what matters most: understanding people’s intent as they interact with critical data wherever it resides. Our uncompromising systems enable companies to empower employees with unobstructed access to confidential data while protecting intellectual property and simplifying compliance. Based in Austin, Texas, Forcepoint supports more than 20,000 organizations worldwide.

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Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ: SYMC), the world's leading cyber security company, helps organizations, governments and people secure their most important data wherever it lives. Organizations across the world look to Symantec for strategic, integrated solutions to defend against sophisticated attacks across endpoints, cloud and infrastructure. Likewise, a global community of more than 50 million people and families rely on Symantec's Norton and LifeLock product suites to protect their digital lives at home and across their devices. Symantec operates one of the world's largest civilian cyber intelligence networks, allowing it to see and protect against the most advanced threats.

For additional information contact Jillian Ackerly. or go to






ExtraHop makes data-driven IT a reality with real-time analytics and cloud-based machine learning. We analyze every single digital interaction occurring on the network and turn that data into the most accurate and timely source of intelligence for everyone from IT Operations to Security to the CIO.

For more information, please visit or contact Todd Giguere at or Kevin Franey at


Cybercriminals are growing in number and sophistication, rendering traditional solutions powerless against today’s advanced threats. IBM Security, with 7,500 security professionals worldwide, helps more than 12,000 clients address their most critical needs: transforming their security programs; optimizing security operations and response systems; and protecting critical information.

Over the past decade, IBM has invested more than $2 billion in security research and development, resulting in 3,700+ security-related patents, and acquired 19 security companies to grow its portfolio. Today, IBM Security delivers next-generation security technology and services, including cognitive and Watson analytics, automated incident response, cloud-based solutions and state-of-the-art security operations centers. For more information, please visit

For more information contact Michael Melore,





Darktrace is the world’s leading machine learning company for cyber security, having developed AI algorithms that mimic the human immune system to defend enterprise networks of all types and sizes. Created by mathematicians from the University of Cambridge, Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System is the first non-consumer application of machine learning to work at scale, across all network types, from physical, virtualized, and cloud, through to IoT and industrial control systems. Installed as a self-configuring cyber defense platform, Darktrace continuously learns what is ‘normal’ for all devices and users, updating its understanding as the environment changes.

By applying its unique, unsupervised machine learning, Darktrace has identified 30,000 previously unknown threats in over 2,4000 networks, including zero-days, insider threats and subtle, stealthy attacks. The company has experienced 600% year-on-year revenue growth. With 500 employees in 24 offices and dual headquarters in San Francisco and Cambridge UK, Darktrace was named ‘Most Innovative Security Company of the Year 2017,’ ‘Bloomberg Innovator,’ and ‘GSN Homeland Security’ award winner. The company’s valuation is $.5 billion and its investors include KKR, Softbank, Summit, Invoke Capital, and Samsung.

For more information contact Katherine Zimmel at or go to



Eplus Technology, Inc  

ePlus is a leading consultative technology solutions provider that helps customers imagine, implement, and achieve more from their technology. ePlus’ security solutions team knows that making security pervasive across your entire IT landscape positions you for growth and success. They do this by understanding customers’ business challenges and tailoring comprehensive security programs that help mitigate risk, empower digital transformation, enable innovation and ultimately protect their entire IT infrastructure. 

For more information, please visit

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Layer 1



Fortinet provides top-rated network and content security, as well as secure access products that share intelligence and work together to form a cooperative fabric. Our unique Fortinet Security Fabric delivers broad protection and visibility to every network segment, device, and appliance, whether virtual, in the cloud, or on-premises. Fortinet is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, with offices around the globe. Founded in 2000 by Ken Xie, the visionary founder and former president and CEO of NetScreen, Fortinet is led by a strong management team with deep experience in networking and security.

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Are you looking for a better way to manage privileged access?  BeyondTrust can provide control and visibility over privileged accounts and users by helping you:

  • Discover and inventory your privileged accounts (check out this free tool)
  • Eliminate the sharing of privileged accounts by delegating permissions without exposing credentials
  • Monitor and record privileged user, session, and file activities for unauthorized access and/or changes
  • Analyze behaviors to detect suspect or malicious activities by insiders and/or compromised accounts.

This approach has been recognized by top analysts from Gartner and other experts as leaving fewer gaps in privileged account coverage.  BeyondTrust is also trusted by more than 4,000 customers worldwide, including over half of the Fortune 100.

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Garrison has developed patented isolation technology to provide hardware-enforced secure remote browsing for enterprise customers. Garrison’s unique approach ensures a great user experience is maintained even when deployed across the largest of enterprises, whilst delivering unparalleled security. Click on every link, browse the web with confidence.

Remote browsing promises a massive risk reduction in the face of threats such as phishing, drive-by-downloads and watering hole attacks. But real-world experience shows that many implementations of remote browsing fall short either on the underlying security model, or on the user experience delivered. Garrison’s unique Silicon Assured Video Isolation technology (Garrison SAVI®) provides a game-changing platform for secure remote browsing: security so strong that it is trusted for use by governments at the highest security levels, but at a price point and with a level of usability that makes it suitable for deployment at scale across mainstream enterprises.

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 is leading the convergence of networking and security operations to help organizations reduce complexity and increase efficiency of their security stack. Our GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform is a next-generation network packet broker that helps customers make threats more visible across cloud, hybrid and on-premises environments, deploy resources faster and maximize the performance of their security tools. Global 2000 companies and government agencies rely on Gigamon solutions to make them more agile and cut costs.

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Okta, Inc.
Okta is the leading provider of identity for the enterprise. The Okta Identity Cloud connects and protects
employees of many of the world's largest enterprises. It also securely connects enterprises to their partners,
suppliers and customers. With deep integrations to over 5,000 apps, the Okta Identity Cloud enables
simple and secure access from any device. Thousands of customers, including Experian, 20th Century Fox,
LinkedIn, Flex, News Corp, Dish Networks and Adobe trust Okta to work faster, boost revenue and stay
secure. Okta helps customers fulfil their missions faster by making it safe and easy to use the technologies
they need to do their most significant work.

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Security Innovation focuses on the most difficult IT Security problem, and the root cause of most data breaches — insecure software applications. For more than a decade, we’ve helped organizations build internal expertise, uncover critical vulnerabilities, and improve the process by which applications are built. The company’s solutions are based on the three pillars of a secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), which feed into one another to create an ecosystem of repeatable, secure software development: Standards, Education, and Assessment. Our flagship products include TeamProfessor, the industry’s largest library of application security eLearning courses, and TeamMentor, “out of the box” secure development standards.

For more information contact Jack Strakosch at; or Colleen Rudisill at

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