NEW YORK SPRING 2018 Summit Recap


Morning Keynote - The Business Side of Defending Businesses

In the opening keynote, Jay Leek, Managing Director, ClearSky Security, rocked the house with his presentation on “The Business Side of Defending Businesses.”  As an investor in emerging security companies, Jay painted an outstanding picture of industry challenges, the market in transition, its evolution, and key areas of focus for the future.  The keynote presentation has been made available to attendees only.



Guiding Information Security into the Future

In the morning interview session, “Guiding Information Security into the Future,” Keith Donnelly, VP and Global Head of Risk & Compliance at Broadridge, shared insights into future skillsets needed, the evolution of risk metrics and the need for leading versus lagging indicators as key metrics to be established.



Applying Machine Language to Wiredata in the SOC

Jeff Costlow, Director of Security, with ExtraHop Networks, Platinum sponsor, presented on “Applying Machine Language to Wiredata in the SOC.”  Jeff shared facts on the capability to transform a company’s network into a comprehensive source of security and IT visibility, while providing a rich data set - wire data - that keeps machine learning focused and precise.




The Breach Anxiety in Information Security

Jim Wilson, CISO of FAIR Health, shared his insights in the interview session, “The Breach Anxiety in Information Security,” on key areas of focus that still need work on in “shoring up defenses” relative to breaches, expectations from senior management, and “new” best practices being put into place as he looks to the future.



The New Security Frontier: Threat Hunting, Augmented Intelligence, and Automated Response

Michael Melore, Cyber Security Architect with IBM, Gold sponsor, discussed “The New Security Frontier: Threat Hunting, Augmented Intelligence, and Automated Response.”  In his presentation, Michael shared information on advanced analytics – the ability to delve deeper with augmented intelligence and integrating content throughout the framework to provide insight about your environment.



Top of Mind

In the interactive polling session, “Top of Mind,” attendees had the opportunity to weigh-in and discuss their thoughts on GDPR readiness, lack of personnel, and investment in emerging technologies.



Identity is Security

In the presentation, “Identity is Security,” Rick Weinberg, VP of Product Management at SailPoint, Gold sponsor, presented facts on endpoint security being the #1 issue of CIOs, with people being the main attack vector.



Lunch and Networking

There was a full house at lunch as guests and sponsors enjoyed a great meal and the opportunity to meet each other.



The Shift in Information Security 

In the afternoon interview session, Tyrone Paige, General Manager IT in Enterprise Infrastructure Architecture for IT Security at JetBlue Airways, shared his insights into “The Shift in Information Security,” on a number of topics, with the majority on talent development, leveraging big data, visibility on your network and the continue push for employee awareness.



Autonomous Cyber Defense:  AI and the Immune System Approach

Kathryn Moore, Cyber Security Account Manager, at DarkTrace, Silver sponsor, presented on the “Autonomous Cyber Defense: AI and the Immune System Approach,” as a way to scale.  By providing unsupervised machine learning, a system can identify “normal” activity/behavior and learn in real time, to detects and respond.



What’s Next

In the afternoon polling session, “What’s Next,” summit moderator, Richard Warner facilitated discussion on top 10 technologies and the “trust” breach issue as a reaction to Facebook.


11Six Reasons to Put Privilege First

In the presentation, “Six Reasons to Put Privilege First,”  Matt Tarr, Principal Solutions Engineer, at CyberArk, Silver sponsor, probed the issues concerning privileged accounts representing the key opening to an organization’s most valuable assets and highlight best practices and quick wins.


Breakout Executive Roundtable Discussions with Debriefs

Facilitated by executives from a diversity of industries across seven different topics, the highly rated Executive Roundtables wrapped up the Summit sessions. Executives facilitating the roundtables included, Amal Shady, Director, Risk & Compliance at McGraw-Hill Education, Joseph Dell, CTO and CISO at Third Avenue Management, Todd Gordon, Director of Information Security at EisnerAmper LLP, Jim Moran, Chief Information Security Officer with Educational Testing Service, William Bailey, VP of Information Security with Police and Fire Federal Credit Union, and Majgan Samimy, Chief Information Security Officer at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz.



Closing Reception

After the Summit, guests had the opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves at the afternoon Reception.

National Security Leaders Symposium at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach from October 21 -23, 2018!


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ExtraHop Datasheet 2018




The volume of security incidents and available threat data far exceed the capacity of even the most skilled security professional. Over the past couple years, IBM Watson has been trained on the language of cybersecurity, ingesting over 1 million security documents. IBM Watson can now help security analysts parse thousands of natural language research reports that have never before been accessible to modern security tools.
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By applying its unique, unsupervised machine learning, Darktrace has identified 30,000 previously unknown threats in over 2,4000 networks, including zero-days, insider threats and subtle, stealthy attacks. The company has experienced 600% year-on-year revenue growth. With 500 employees in 24 offices and dual headquarters in San Francisco and Cambridge UK, Darktrace was named ‘Most Innovative Security Company of the Year 2017,’ ‘Bloomberg Innovator,’ and ‘GSN Homeland Security’ award winner. The company’s valuation is $.5 billion and its investors include KKR, Softbank, Summit, Invoke Capital, and Samsung.  https://www.darktrace.com/

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