Livestreamed Webinars in Broadcast Format.

At Executive Alliance, we're taking the webinar concept and blasting it into the stratosphere. Gone are the days of bland, passive presentations and public-access production values.

Our platform allows for HD livestreaming from multiple remote feeds combined with studio-quality hardware and produced with network-level graphics.

From pre-production to go-live, Executive Alliance can create an immersive experience for your audience that will elevate your message and drive dialogue between decision-makers and solution providers.

THE UPSHOT  Episode 1


At Executive Alliance, we are excited to be part of this great community. To help you continue to build the relationships you have, forge new ones and to tell your story, we have launched a new episodic webinar series: "The Upshot."

Unlike the majority of traditional webinars that are barely watchable, this new livestreamed webinar in broadcast format changes how technology executives view attending a saturated webinar market and keeps their attention once they start.

Your featured speakers will have unprecedented visibility and access to an engaged audience of senior security executives.

With broadcast pacing, a professional host with unique insights into the industry, guest CISO speakers focused on one topic, and the ability to convey ideas with infographics and enhanced powerpoints, your broadcast will stand out and your team can shine while interacting with attendees through polling, chatting, and inter-webinar messaging.

From initial concept to executive outreach, registration and attendee metrics, Executive Alliance can help maximize your success pipeline.


Layer 1-3

Next-Level Presentations

Broadcast-quality graphics packages customized to meet any branding requirements. Q&A, Live Polling, Chat, and private messaging.

Layer 3-1


Specialized camera, audio and lighting kits sent to speakers to achieve network-standard results. All shipped to your door.

Layer 4

Comprehensive Pre-Production

Dedicated producer to assist with creative, best practices, A/V setup, rehearsal, and technical support prior to presentation.

Layer 2-4

Future-Proof Pipeline

Using Vimeo's proven LiveStream Studio platform allows us to provide HD livestreaming from multiple remote feeds. We combine that with studio-quality hardware and lighting to make your event look and perform like a network broadcast.


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